When I was a 9 years old I was tagged with the nick name ‘Flash Kodak’, for I was always in some person’s face or off somewhere looking to photograph anything that grabbed my attention.  I really owe it to my mother who when I was 14, bought me a 35 mm range finder camera and allowed me to convert a bathroom into a dark room. You know the rest of the story. When I was 30, I abandoned other pursuits and entered the world of advertising photography. Eventually my efforts directed me to specializing in corporate communications, serving national and international companies.   At 73, I now choose to create images that reflect my vision and not some companies marketing efforts. Such pursuits offer much satisfaction and tranquility. Paramount in this journey is the idea that photography or any other creative pursuit for that matter is about the process and not the outcome. I just follow the light.
I offer instruction and consultation to anyone interested in learning about photography. This instruction encompasses work in the field, one on one software assistance and how to develop your vision. Fees for said assistance vary depending on the needs of each individual.  If you are interested, then please use the contact form and I will contact you.
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